Sunday, September 21, 2008

No Economic Plan - But it will Pass Congress

I know even less about economics than John McCain. But here is something I will bet on. Whatever so called "plan" that our executive branch of government comes up with to save our will easily be passed in Congress. It has to be passed. Think of the economic repercussions if the Congress called into question the effectiveness of the "plan". It's unlikely there will be any new regulations to fix the "Wall St. problems" and you can be pretty sure that whatever "plan" is passed, its not going to help the average guy (you) on the street much, if at all. You can count on Democrats to enable the Republicans, the party of fiscal conservatism. Unfortunately, it will be the "average guy" that will be paying for whatever this ends up costing.

My friend Watson in the Adirondacks will not vote for Obama because Obama is a socialist. You have to chuckle a bit about that seeing as this economic bailout will be the biggest socialist program in the USA.

You can read what other people think here.

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