Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Few Words on the Latest in Politics

What are the headlines after last nights all night session in the Senate? Here is one from the NYT. "Democrats Fail to Force Vote on Iraq Pullout". But here's a question? Why wasn't the headline..."Republicans Succeed in Preventing Vote on Iraq War"?

Then the editorial explains that we are now returning to more of the politics of fear. It's worked in the past and is likely to work in the future. Six years after the attack on 9/11 and guess Qaeda is a strong and as capable as ever. But why should that be a surprise when our country is being led by the most incompetent man on the planet? When will Mr. Bush decide to go after the terrorists that attacked us? Is it because he doesn't want to upset our Pakistani allies who are protecting bin Laden? Did the latest NIE say bin Laden determined to strike the USA just like the one several years ago did?

Lastly, Tom Friedman (of the Friedman unit of time), asks why our soldiers should continue fighting and dying in the summer heat of Iraq when the Iraq parliament is taking the month of August off?
So let’s get this straight: Iraqi parliamentarians, at least those not already boycotting the Parliament, will be on vacation in August so they can be cool, while young American men and women, and Iraqi Army soldiers, will be fighting in the heat in order to create a proper security environment in which Iraqi politicians can come back in September and continue squabbling while their country burns.
I don't understand why 100% of Americans don't find this situation to be so egregious that our troops should come home yesterday if not sooner.

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