Friday, July 20, 2007

Saranac Lake Central School District Teacher Contract Ends June 2008

The agreement between the Saranac Lake Central School District and the Saranac Lake Teachers Association ends on June 30, 2008. According to Article II of the agreement "the parties will enter into good faith negotiations over a successor agreement" starting no later than December 15th. And, "If such an agreement is not concluded by 120 days prior to the end of the district's fiscal year, June 30, either party may request the use of mediation."

Negotiating a teachers contract is always very secretive process. In the past, both parties have agreed not to discuss anything about contract negotiations outside of the formal negotiating format. In other words, it's not kosher to go to the local newspaper and let the public know that teachers don't want to contribute to health insurance or that they might be asking for a 15% pay raise over the next 3 yrs. etc. The only party that is at a disadvantage to this "gentlemans" agreement is the teacher's association. What? The public doesn't have a right to know whether either the teachers or the school district are being reasonable in their demands?

I have a copy of the July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2008 Agreement. I suggest that every interested person go to the SLCS district office and get their own copy. I'd reproduce it here but it's over fifty pages long. However, I will discuss certain sections of the agreement in future posts.

I will admit to being biased. The reason for my bias is that I actually sat in on the negotiating process several years ago. Teachers are extremely professional. That is... until it comes time for negotiating a new contract. Then their collars turn a very, very deep shade of blue.

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46er Family said...

Hi there, Just found your blog -it has really great info. I am a new blogger and part time Saranac Lake resident and your links and editorial are very helpful. My blog , is pretty silly and frivolous but we talk a lot about the issues you raise. Love the jfk quote too. Also seems like you are interested in education stuff. My hubby runs an organization called Democrats for Education Reform. You should check it out. (I would have emailed you but can't find your email address on site) Best Regards, Bridget Williams