Friday, July 20, 2007

Stop Blaming Mr. Bush

There is an interesting idea voiced by none other than Paul Krugman in the NYT (must pay to read).
You know, at this point I think we need to stop blaming Mr. Bush for the mess we’re in. He is what he always was, and everyone except a hard core of equally delusional loyalists knows it.
Krugman has a point. Bush is just being the only Bush he knows how to be. What about all his enablers like Sen. Lugar and McCain and Mr. Krystal? The Republican Senators that blindly support Bush are now the ones that bear the brunt of the blame for refusing to change course on our Iraq War policy.

In the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson asks why is the President so happy?
One hopes the leader of the free world hasn't really, truly lost touch with objective reality. But one does have to wonder.
In Bush world, he didn't start the Iraq War. He actually tried to solve the problem diplomatically. It was Saddam's decision to make.
That means Bush is claiming that Saddam Hussein "chose" the invasion -- and, ultimately, his own death -- by not showing us what he didn't have.
I believe that Bush was brought up in a world of his own reality. He has never made a mistake, nothing has ever been his fault and he sees himself as a sucessful businessman, ex-military pilot and politician. One thing G.W. Bush does have going for himself. He actually has the ear of God. Not even Abraham Lincoln had that advantage.

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