Friday, July 20, 2007

Saranac Lake Teacher Base Salaries

Let me state right from the beginning that I do not think these salaries are high. But they are well paying jobs for this area.

What everyone obviously wants to know is how much are teachers paid. That is not an easy question to answer but the below graph shows the base salaries for 2007-2008 (final year of the contract).

Add to these salaries $500 for a Master's degree and 1 month salary for attendence (please don't ask me what attendence means). I'm guessing it's a bonus for showing up to work but I could be wrong. Notice how the curve goes up significantly the last 3 years on the job. That is for retirement reasons.

Cannot forget the teaching assistants.

Next we will go into the pay one gets for extracurricular activities and other activities. Then we can discuss benefits.

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