Thursday, July 19, 2007

George Bush and his Good Ideas

A quote from G.W. Bush in todays Washington Post:
"I'm not going to surrender a good and important idea before the debate really gets started,"
Oh really? Bush actually thinks he has had a good idea. Must be a first in his pitiful life.

So what's the rant about this time? Our esteemed president is against providing health insurance for an additional 3.3 million children in the USA. It costs too much! Can you believe that? Providing health coverage for poor children costs too much? The program would be paid for with an increased tax on cigarettes. The man doesn't have a soul let alone a brain.

One thing Bush is good for.....I think he is proof of common descent. He may actually be the missing link that so many anti-evolutionists claim has never been found.

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Scoop said...

A Big Thumbs Up, the man is an idiot. We waste so much money overseas with programs to ungrateful misfits who hate America but we can't spend it here to save a child.