Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ampersand Mountain Pictures - Part I

The start.

The first 1.7 miles is a very slight upgrade. You hardly know you are going uphill.

You know you have a mile left to climb when you reach the clearing where the caretaker's cabin used to stand. Only a mile to go but 1300 ft more in elevation.

The trail up from the clearing is pretty rough, covered with large boulders but it has been significantly improved since I last climbed about 5 years ago.

Lots of stairs now courtesy of the Adirondack Mt. Club trail crews.

Much of the trail is very steep. This particular area looked like a lot of dead trees had been washed down in our recent heavy rains.

You can find really awesome glacial erratics as you get closer to the top.

Near the peak the trail levels out and even goes downhill in some places.

This is the most difficult part of the climb. You have two choices and both involve being careful. I've seen medium to large dogs climb up these but if you are climbing with a little dog you will need to do some lifting and boosting.

Finally a scramble up to the peak. Really, follow the yellow painted markers because you don't want to fall here.

The peak. One of three actually but the highest part. I'm standing near the Walter Channing rice memorial when I took this picture.

More to follow, the views are wonderful.

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