Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Andrew Sullivan Makes a Great Point

Thursdays debate between Sarah Palin and John McCain is in the tank for Obama. See, the moderator, Gwen Ifil wrote a book about Obama and she is black so she is obviously in the Obama camp (she probably really is).

So as Sullivan suggests, the moderator should be changed for tomorrow night. Ifill can use the excuse that she has a broken ankle and it is bothering her too much. Put Katie Couric or Campbell Brown in place of Ifill....hell, it might even be worth putting Michelle Malkin in Ifills place.

Here is Sullivan:
The best that can happen from the Rove-Schmidt point of view is that Ifill softens her questions to Palin out of fear of being smeared by the McCain camp, as they have tried to smear me and any other journalist doing their job. The worst is that Ifill does not get intimidated, asks tough questions, and then gets the post-debate spin by the GOP focused on her, not Palin. It helps too that Ifill is black: it shores up the racist vote McCain needs to win.

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