Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vote Mike Oot for Congress - NY-23

It's time for a change and we have a choice in the New York 23rd Congressional District. We can vote to send Rep. John McHugh back to Congress controlled by Democrats or we can vote to send Mike Oot to Congress in place of John McHugh.

Mike Oot wants to end the war in Iraq. Bring troops home now. No more dead young Americans for Iraq. John McHugh wants troops to stay in Iraq indefinitely. Big stark difference.

Mike Oot believes it is time for Universal Health Care like every other developed nation on Earth. John McHugh thinks things are just fine as they are...46 million uninsured American citizens.

Mike Oot believes in the Constitution of the USA. He finds it unbelievable that we discuss whether or not to torture people. He believes that if you are arrested you have the right to a lawyer. He believes Americans should not be electronically eavesdropped on. I can only assume that John McHugh believes torture is ok, we don't really need Habeas corpus and that it's ok to evesdrop on Americans because what do you have to hide? He votes with G.W. Bush enough that its very likely he believes we can ignore the Constitution.

Mike gave an inspiring speech tonight at the Voters for Change Headquarters in Saranac Lake. He is passionate about his beliefs and thinks that America has been headed in the wrong direction over the last eight years.

You want change? Vote for Mike Oot.

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