Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain - "I don't lie"

John McCain was interviewed by the Des Moines Register. They played "gotcha journalism" with him. When it was pointed out that McCain has had health insurance paid by taxpayers for most of his life, he replied:
"You know that's an interesting statement, isn't it? And I have never been an astronaut, but I think I know the challenges of space. And I have never done a lot of things in my life that I think I am familiar with."

Further, when the reporter suggested some of McCain's campaign ads were less than honest, particularly the sex-ed for kindergarteners ad, McCain replied:
"...I have always had 100 percent, absolute truth and that's been my life of putting my country first. And I'll match that record against anyone's. And I'm proud of it. And an assertion that I've ever done otherwise, I take strong exception to."
100% absolute truth? That's yet another lie.

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