Friday, October 03, 2008

Et Tu Krauthammer

Charles seems to have turned on his own this morning. But don't worry, it's only a very few complementary sentences on Obama.
In the primary campaign, Obama was cool as in hip. Now Obama is cool as in collected. He has the discipline to let slow and steady carry him to victory.
In reality, Obama just has an evil strategy. Look cool and calm and you look Presidential. It's all just an act that stupid Democrats are falling for.

Krauthammer asks "do you really know who Obama is and what he believes"? Maybe I don't. But I used to think I knew who John McCain was and what he believed. McCain has shown everyone that he is willing to throw away all his previous beliefs and convictions (if indeed he ever really had any) to satisfy a fundamentalist conservative base in an attempt to become President. So excuse me if I go for the guy I may not know as well as Krathammer thinks I should know him. I know the real John McCain now and he isn't for me.

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